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"As parents of a 6 months old that was up every hour and a half (at least), we were past defeated.. [now] our little one is sleeping at least 11 hours through the night, and he even has great naps during the day. Not only is our little one happier, but we are as well."

/ Kelsey and Taryn Strickland /


"Leandré provided comfort and confidence in this journey. I don’t know what we would have done without her. Our baby girl had severe sleep issues yet within just a few nights, sleep was over 90% better in our home. By the end of a complete week, we were all sleeping through the night consistently. Not only are we getting great sleep, but we also have a plan for any future sleep disturbances."

/  Olivia Hall  /


"I am so grateful for Leandré. She was an immediate sense of calm and reassurance for our family. The way she treated my wife, and made her feel like this was a manageable problem was such a relief. We did what she said, and our daughter is sleeping great!"

/  Erik Hall  /


"I highly recommend Leandré and the sleep services she offers. My son had to be held or rocked to sleep at night and naps. After just a few nights of sleep training, he was sleeping through the night and going down for naps and bedtime on his own. We are so happy to be sleeping again!"

/  Sabra Cawby /


"My son would not sleep in his crib for more than 30mins at a time and would only go to sleep if I nursed, or drove around in the car. I had no time with my husband and no time with my other sons. After Leandré's help, I am so pleased he has learned new skills to put himself to sleep every night, sleeps through and takes two 1 hour naps in his crib.  We are on a happy schedule that works well for our whole family. Leandré has been there for us every step of the way and we are so grateful."

/  Heather Vath  /

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